Consultancy & Design Solutions

Optimisation Solutions
through Value Engineering

The demand to do with less is ever increasing and thus the role of Value Engineering.

We provide consultancy services for optimizing performance & cost of components. The key is reducing cost while preserving the basic functions.

Value enggineering involves decision to make change in material, design, molding processes considering the life time & funcionality of product. Our long years of experience & expertise helps us to design the perfect dynamics of cost and functions.

Die & Tool Designing
online services

Take advantage of our years long practical experience of manufacturing while you are planing your product.

We provide online Design Services from India and you can take benefit of it no matter where you are.

It's not just a CAD service but partnering in your project with all our experince, expertise & resources. You will find our value additions really valuable.

Critical Failure Analysis
testing & analysis

There are many reasons of critical failures in casted like devlopment of residual stress due to air pockets (known as stress pockets) etc.

We provide mechanical & chemical testing of components and provide failure analysis. Our testing lab is equipped with advanced testing equipments like CMM, etc.