Aluminium Pressure Die Casting

when you need to depend on aluminium die casting
you can depend on shivam

End-to-end Casting Solutions

Die Casting R&D / Product Development

R&D / Product Development Support

Our engineering & design team gets involved in all stages of product development process right from material selection, prototyping, upscaling, downscaling etc.
Aluminium die casted component

High Quality

We develop all required Tools and Molds in-house.
Our leading edge production technology and our online/offline QC processes always assures you highest quality products.

Die Casted Products - Post Processes

Post Processes & Assemblies

We have the expertise and infrastructure to provide you wide range of post processes like various types of surface finishes, powder coating, polishing etc.
We also provide component assembly services.

Few of Our products

  • Rocker Cover
  • Casting Item
  • Electrode
  • MIGB Housing
  • Unit Coupling
  • 6 Arm Flange
  • Flange Intake
  • Carrier
  • Base Stand
  • Adaptor Lub Oil Filter
  • Motor Body
  • Cage
  • Finger Contact Holder 800kv
  • Lighting Fixture Component
  • LED Street Light
  • LED Street Light - 40 W
  • LR Housing

In-house Facilities

that ensures quality and aids our production capabilities.

Our team coordinates with your product development team to bring out die casted products of your desired specifications.

It is involved in tool & die making and further coordinates with our production department to set the processes to acheive minimum machine time, quick setup and precise tolerances, which in turn eliminate secondary operations.

Our in-house mold making facility delivers Quality aluminium components by ensuring -

  • Dimensional Precision
  • Controlled Porosity Level
  • Material Flow Analysis
  • Required Surface Finish

Aluminium Pressure Die Casting Facilities

We have state-of-the-art toolroom for making any type of tool for core box and intricate dies.

Our team of experts matches to the latest technology machinary and in tandem they bring up tools that brings accuracy while increasing productivity.

Mold making for Aluminium Castings

Our in-house lab is well equipped to perform various tests including chemical analysis, physical testing, mechanical testing, porosity analysis and metrology of die casted components